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Vintage Find: Liquor Labels

My husband and I decided to stop in Galena, Illinois on the way home from our annual Minnesota camping trip. If you haven’t been to Galena before, it’s a beautifully historic city with an architecturally stunning downtown that features restaurants, specialty shops, and antique shops galore. Although I usually stick to estate sales and thrift shops, one antique shop caught my eye. Piles on piles of vintage items stared at me through the window—now that’s my kind of place!

I could tell the owner was a life-long collector with an affinity for vintage cameras. I can relate. But I was looking for something more unique, and more within my budget. I’d know it when I saw it.

An overflowing pile of color caught my eye—a box of vintage unused labels in pristine condition. The digging began. I ended up selecting four liquor labels for their delicate design, unique typography, stunning colors and gold sheen.

Now, it’s about time I put them to good use. I’m thinking of framing and hanging them on our wall so we can enjoy their typographic beauty everyday. But I’m still open to suggestions—what would you do with them?