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Since I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for collecting—whether it be collecting physical things like a concert ticket, images through photography, or just really awesome stuff. I love surrounding myself with beautiful, interesting things that spark my inner curiosity. After years of collecting, I’ve reached a point where I’m knee-deep in stuff. I figure, it’s about time to let some things go to a new home. That’s one of the reasons I opened a vintage resale shop.

Introducing: Dear Home. As I find vintage modern treasures, I’ll be listing them on the Dear Home Etsy Shop. The shop will feature mid-century modern items, international pieces, ephemera, office supplies, kitchenware, knick-knacks, and lots more. I’d love for you to check out what’s in the shop now, with lots more coming soon!

Hunting for vintage goodies is always an adventure, and every adventure has a story to tell. The Dear Home Blog is my place to share these stories and ask you about yours. I’ll be sharing these adventures, new and left behind items, fab houses that I dream of, and more right here.

Here are some ways to stay connected with what’s going on at Dear Home:

I love chatting about anything and everything vintage, so feel free to send me an email at dearhomevintage@gmail.com to chat, or, if you have specific item requests. Here’s to the hunt!

I’m Christina, owner and curator of Dear Home. I live in the small, but fabulous city of Champaign, IL, and am proud of it! Besides being a collector, I’m a typography nut, fitness fanatic, and domestic architecture geek who loves to ponder the idea of home.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

— William Morris


  1. Dee

    Former Roomie–You’re seriously inspiring me to start gutting and redecorating my house. Love the finds and looking forward to seeing more.

    • Dear Home

      Awesome! I’m glad you’ve found some inspiration from Dear Home :) Would love to see some photos of the redecoration—I remember liking all the photos you posted of your house in the past. If you’re ever looking for anything particular, let me know!

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